The coast in the Šilo region is considered by some to be the most beautiful region on our golden island.

There's something here for everyone – a sandy beach ideal for children, gravel beaches, as well as concrete beaches in some parts. For all thos that require peace and quiet, there are many beautiful coves (Murvenica, Vodica, Veterna, Petrina), which can be reached on foot, by car or boat.

Šilo prides itself in extremely clean sea, as well as numerous facilities including a waterpark, pedal boats, a trampoline, a water polo court, seaside bars, and beach volleyball courts that will add to your entertainment.

We follow the needs of our guests which has resulted in a doggy beach for our cherished guests and their pets, something we're very proud of,. It's located in a quiet area where our guests can let their pets swim without worrying about cars or having their pets soaking the other guests' towels. There is also a doggy bin in place, a waste bin, and a sign indicating that this is a beach for dogs.

The cove Soline, located near Šilo, has extremely warm sewater and mud with medicinal properties, suitable for healing bone pain and other rheumatic illnesses.

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