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Legal Relations
Internet service owned by the Tourist agency TINA Šilo, guarantees the implementation of mediation in the sale of accommodation via the Internet except in the case of exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, death or host disease, etc.).
The reservation over the Internet can be made by an adult (hereinafter the client).
The landlord or a travel agency on the groundm, whose jurisdiction includes the requested accommodation (hereinafter the representative) provides all forms of assistance to the client beginning with the arrival of the and ending with the departure of the client.

Privacy Policy
The web pages can be freely viewed. If you choose to use some of our services, you are obliged to leave us the requested personal information necessary which are necessary during the process of reservation and rental of the required services. In business-related activities we only use the information obtained directly from you and the information that you provide us with are kept under the maximum level of protection after that.

Reservations and payment
When sending a query, the client and the representative receive an automatically generated e-mail with information about the query.
The representative will check the availability of the requested accommodation and confirm with the client the possibility of making the reservation or offer an alternative accommodation.
The tourist agency Tina client sends the invoice for payment of the deposit with all the necessary information.
The amount of the deposit is 20% of the price of accommodation.
Upon execution of payment, the tourist agency Tina sends the client a travel document (voucher), which confirms the client as the user of accommodation.
The rest of the amount is paid directly to the representative upon arrival.

Payment methods
Paying by bank transfer to the agency's foreign currency account.
Paying by bank transfer to the agency's account the (within the territory of Croatia).
On-line payment with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

Additional information
Price includes the basic service as described in the booked accommodation unit. Special services (highlighted by the terms "additional services", "by arrangement", "on request", "at the request of "... in the description) are not included in the price unless stated otherwise. The client is required to specify the above mentioned services when he/she submits a query.
Price does not include travel insurance.
The accommodation units are described according to the official categorization of the authorized institutions on the basis of insight into the real situation.
The client's request for change of reservation will be met if possible. The customer will be notified of the potential costs of these changes, .
The client takes responsibility for baggage that has been destroyed, lost, damaged or stolen in the unit.

The right of passengers to changes and cancellation
The client can cancel or make changes to the booked accommodation only in writing (e-mail or fax). The tourist agency Tina will change the booked accommodation if an alternative is available. If the alternative accommodation causes a difference in price, the client is required to pay the price difference when he accepts the replacement accomodation. The client will receive a new invoice for the replacement accommodation with all the necessary data, as well as a new travel document (voucher). Change of accommodation refers to the change of accommodation unit.
In the event of changes caused by a shorter stay, the client is required to pay the contracted amount of the stay in its entirety.

In case of cancellation, agencies will charge administrative costs in the amount of the deposit, resulting in the advance not being refunded.
Compliance with the general business conditions
It is considered that all parties agree with the general business conditions and accept them:
- Payment of the deposit (the client)
- Booking the accommodation (the tourist agency Tina).

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